Unless you happen to be a professional ski instructor, you probably don’t do everything like you should.

It’s understandable, and not a bad thing, but you don’t want to be passing any bad habits onto your children; they need to learn exactly the right way to do it, and ski instructors can help them with this.


This doesn’t mean you can’t take them out on the slopes when they’ve had a few lessons, but give some instructors the chance to go over all the basics and the safety information. Make the most of it by signing your kids up to a ski school in Europe that has slopes you can go on too – that way you can meet up afterwards and hear all about their experiences.

It’s a popular misconception that skiing is a dangerous sport but the figures show otherwise. For every 1.4 million people who go on the slopes, one death can be expected – and that includes unrelated causes such as heart attacks.