Kidsetc’s SEN professional has spent years developing new techniques to make her sport as inclusive as possible. Here she answers 3 questions on the state of the sport as it is today:

women-skiingThere are more women on the slopes than ever, does skiing match up other sports in today’s growing climate of equality?

I believe so! I guess its just a matter of perspective. Look back 100 years ago and women in many countries would’ve been straight up discouraged from even touching the slopes. We forget how far we’ve come sometimes, its easy to take the liberties we have today for granted.

When it comes to how skiing stands as a modern sport, in terms of equality, I think we do pretty well! There’s not so much worldwide attention on skiers as there is other sportsmen and women. Look at the footballers, the men in the Premier League get paid thousands (don’t get me wrong, they do a great job but do they really need all that money?), but the women aren’t equally compensated. Its just one of many gaps that need to be closed in the next twenty years, the world of skiing is doing a good job of leading the way though!

Is the ‘apres-ski’ culture something that parents should be worried, when sending their teenagers off on holiday for the first time?

apres skiThat’s a hard one! Yes and no. I’d question your parenting if you weren’t a little worried when sending off your kids on their first grown-up holiday. It all comes down to education, I think. Having a nice refreshing drink after a long day on the slopes can be super relaxing, but kids need to remember to party safe.

The same rules apply to going out anywhere: drink safely, never drink then ski, keep in touch with your friends and wrap up warm once you get on your way (I take my fur bobble hat with me on every season; you can get them from! As long as they remember to stay close to their friends – they’ll be fine. You parents might need a drink or two to stop worrying though!

sen skiHas the modern skiing tuition world caught up with SEN best practices yet?

We’re getting there! That’s a field that I’ve been specialising in for some time now, so its almost hard for me to step back from it and assess it completely objectively. Considering that the Paralympic Winter Games started nearly thirty years after the original games and new discoveries are being made all the time; I’d say its early days for us still.

Real implementation of SEN coaching techniques are still slowly worming their way into UK ski centres. Worldwide, the amount of centres that embrace these new ideas depends on their country’s approach to the inclusion of those with special needs. There’s lots of progress to be made, but I’ve got plenty of time to make a difference – the more kids on the slopes the better!

Zara is one of the most highly qualified trainers at Kidsetc. Her experience in the field of SEN Coaching makes her an invaluable asset to the coaching team. When she’s not coaching you can find her honing her skills on the slope, or off around the world leading seminars.